Expression of Interest

1. Listing Agent

Name: Euston Estate Pty Ltd T/as Bookmyplace

Address: PO Box 1363 Toowong 4066

ABN: 44166064106    Mobile: 0411331388


2. Prospective Buyers

3. Seller

4. Property

5. Proposed Price

6. Acknowledgement

  1. The Prospective Buyer has instructed the listing Agent to put this Expression Of Interest, with respect to the Property. to the Seller.
  2. This Expression of Interest is not a formal offer and is not binding on either the Buyer or the Seller.
  3. Should the Seller accept this Expression of Interest it will prepare and provide a contract of sale to the Prospective Buyer within _____ business days from the date hereof.
  4. From the date of receipt of the Contract the Prospective Buyer has 7 business days to complete and return the Contract together with the deposit to the Seller or its Agent.
  5. The Seller is not precluded from accepting offers until such time as the Contract has been signed and the Seller notified.
  6. Should Item 6(3) not be complied with, this Expression of Interest is withdrawn.
  7. Should the provisions of Item 6(4) not be complied with, the Contract and offer contained therein is withdrawn.
  8. The Prospective Buyer tenders herewith as an indication of its good faith the sum of $ _____. These monies are to be held in the Listing Agent's trust account. Should the Expression of Interest proceed to Contract, the monies will form part of the deposit If no Contract is entered into. the monies will be refunded deduction,
  9. Should this Expression of interest result in a Contract of sale being prepared in accordance with Item 6(4) the Prospective Buyer would require the Special Conditions as set out in Item (7).

7. Special Condition

8. Signatures

By signing this Acknowledgement the Prospective Buyer/s agree that they have read and understood the Acknowledgement in Item (6) and authorise the Listing Agent to submit this Expression of Interest to the Seller

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