Notice of intention to leave

Notice of intention to leave (Form 13)

Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (Sections 302–308, 327 and 331–332)

2. Notice issued by

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5. Notice Issue On

As part of your moving out process.

It is a requirement for you to clean the property thoroughly before you move out by hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you.  

Please check with your Property Manager for any recommended cleaners.

Please do not leave any belonging behind as the cleaner will dispose them at additional cost. We have attached the cleaning checklist for your reference. 

You are required to return the keys by 5pm on your lease end date per your agreement. 
Your tenancy ends when you move out and hand back the keys. You need to pay rent until the notice period ends or longer if you still have the keys. You have to leave the place clean as the same condition when you move in previously.

Should you have any questions prior to your move out date, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager